Valentines Day Party Themes

The day of love is only almost upon us and those deeply in love, are waiting for it since the last Valentine’s Day. Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate any occasion so does Valentine’s Day. Theme of party is very important if you want to make it a big hit and talk of the town. The theme of Valentine’s Day party should be something that conveys the feel of love and romance. Here are a few themes that can make your Valentine’s Day party a rocking hit.

Matchmaker Party:

This theme is for those singles who wish to have a partner for Valentine’s Day. This party theme is also very appropriate for kids’ Valentine’s Day party. Decorations for this party are also very simple. Decorate like you do for any other party but add the touch of romance and humor to it, making singles feel calm and confident. Red balloons hanging from the ceiling and big cutouts of cupid can add magic to the party. Romantic music in the background can add the feel of love in the air. Place fresh flowers and candles at every corner of the hall. Games like couples treasure hunt, truth and dare, balloon balance, can provide and fun and entertainment to guests.

Perfect Pair:

This Valentine’s Day party theme is for couples. Ask your guests to dress up as the famous couples from any walk of life. Use large size posters of cute couples on the walls of the party hall. Include games like search your love blindfolded, couple quizzes, compatibility tests and grab your man to provide fun to the guests. Play romantic music in the background and let couple dance with each other.

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