Winter Footwear Styles for Women

Shoes come second only to diamond in the list of most girls “best friends”. Winter is a season that gives us the luxury to make a fashion statement with winter boots. Winter boots for women are made of different types of materials and with the help of various designs. Winter boot fashion changes every year. Some of the winter boots always remain in fashion and are known as conventional designs that are indeed an integral part of every woman repertoire.

Conventional Winter Boots for Women:

Conventional boots are extremely comfortable and warm for the foot. Some of the most famous and comfortable conventional winter boots are discussed below.

Valenky Boots:

Every woman should try out the Valenky boots. They are made of a material known as felt which is a type of non-woven cloth. It is made developed into felt by condensing, matting and pressing fibers. Felt makes Valenky Boots very comfortable and warm. They can be used with casual wears and can give you a stunning look.

Ugg Boots:

Ugg boots are also very warm and comfortable and are made of sheepskin. They are always in fashion. The outer surface of the Ugg Boot is made of tanned leather that gives it a marvelous look. They are also very durable and can be worn on casual occasions.

Some of the Modern Fashion in Winter Boots for Women are discussed below.

High Heeled Winter Boots:

They are very popular amongst young girl because they are very stylish and give a great height to the person wearing it. Most of high heal boots are made of textured leather or artificial leather though some are also made of real leather. They are perfectly suited for a formal occasion as well as for casual occasion.

Flat Foot Winter Boots:

Those ladies and girls who don’t enjoy high heels can turn to flat foot winter shoes. They are more comfortable and relaxing. They are made of different materials such as faux fur. Some of the flat foot winter boots available in the market are made of woolen padding that makes them even more comfortable.

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