Winter Travel Destinations for Families

Winter provides a perfect opportunity for families to plan a vacation and spend some quality time together. Going for a holiday or avoiding snow-shoveling are a few reasons for a winter trip. But by choosing a perfect destination, you can make your winter holiday special. Here are a few popular winter travel destinations for families.


Thailand claims to be one of the safest, cheap and beautiful countries in the world. Their tourist infrastructure is among the best in the world, providing cheap airfare, buses, trains and accommodations, ranging from guesthouses to five-star resorts. This is the reason why approximately 12 million tourists visit each this country year.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular winter family destination situated between Panama and Nicaragua. It is also considered affordable, safe and covered with beautiful beaches, active volcanoes and so many national parks. According to Lonely Planet “Travel costs are…cheaper than in the USA or Europe” and “in general, it’s safe for children and pregnant women to go to Costa Rica,”.

Hawaii: The Big Island

For a perfect winter holiday, families can head to the Big Island. The laid-back nature, beach-side resorts and Hawaiian culture is much appealing to families. Hawaii is known for its pristine, rain forests, fascinating beaches and lava fields. Their resorts also have so many fun activities for the whole family.

Paris, France

Winter is the perfect time to visit the beautiful city of Paris because air and hotel prices are much lower as compared to the summer. You can see the Eiffel Tower, discover the Latin Quarter or meet local artists and writers at famous cafes. The Louvre Museum and City Museum of Modern Art also have so much to offer to visitors.

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